RADIATOR FOR TOYOTA CAMI ( J100 ) 16400-87407


RADIATOR FOR TOYOTA CAMI ( J100 ) 16400-87407

  • OEM -16400-87407
  • 11043

When you can begin your vehicle without a radiator yet it is dangerous. RADIATOR FOR TOYOTA  CAMI  is the best quality coolant for your car, which will keep cooling your car engine always. and it chills off the warmth motor, a coolant is gone through the motor square, where it retains heat from the motor. You won’t cause any harm as long as the motor doesn’t overheat In the radiator, the coolant streams from the delta to the outlet through many automobiles mounted in an equal plan. The heated water enters the radiator through the bay port. Furthermore, a fan is joined behind the radiator to chill off the boiling water in the automobiles. An all the more impressive motor gives out more warmth so it will require an improved radiator to deal with the higher feeling yield enough.

Why is your radiator important?


A radiator is significant in light of the fact that it is the central way your motor vents heat during activity. A failing radiator may cause noteworthy motor harm brought about by overheating – most vehicles you see the surging smoke out and about is really brought about by breaking down radiators! The most well-known reason for radiator glitch is physical harm, which warrants a substitution of one or the entirety of its segments. Radiator capacity can be impeded by lapsed coolant or lacking coolant levels, which can be fixed by means of a coolant flush.

Radiator working standard:

The radiator is quite honest gadget. These days most present-day vehicles use aluminum radiators. Radiators for the most part have a tank on each side, and inside the tank is a transmission cooler.


  • Regular blade pitch and louver edge
  • The adjustability of specially crafts precisely to your requirements
  • In general plan setup
  • Top-notch TIG welding
  • Race and road expressed performance
  • Forced tried and ensured
  • 100% GENUINE


  1. Tubular type
  2. Cellular type

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